Th CieinituiY SILKS


A red and blue silk are knotted together by their corners and placed into a glass tumbler. A yellow silk is vanished, and upon whipping the silks from the glass, the missing yellow silk is found tied between the red and the blue.

Now the three hankies are placed into the tumbler and a green silk is duly vanished. Whipping the silks from the tumbler, the green one is found knotted between the yellow and the red, making a string of four silks all tofd.

Required, one double red silk, faked as shown in the sketch herewith. Attached to the inner corner at "A" is a green silk. This in turn is attached at "B" to a yellow silk, and the latter has its opposite diagonal corner tinted red, to match the double red silk. This red tip is allowed to peep out from the corner

FOCUS ON MAGIC. From page 122.

their order, and he performs the deal, and arrives with one card in his hand. Ask him to "hold it" a moment, and then, "What card are you thinking of?" Whatever card he names, ask him to turn over the one in his hand, and there it is.

Lastly a few small details. Obviously, if the spectator takes 4, 8, 16 or 32 cards (the formula figures) no cards need be removed, for the chosen card is already at the required position. Count off hs chosen number, without disturbing their order, hand them to him, and instruct him as he deals.

Should you merely have to remove one card, as sometimes happens, then carry out the illustration with this one card only, placing it alternatively on the table and then under the pack, finally discarding it NEVER DISTURB THE ORDER OF THE CARDS in counting off, either for yourself, or the spectator, and finally, try it out a time or two and I'm sure you'll like it.

Yours Magically,

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