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2nd. SPANISH NATIONAL CONGRESS OF MAGIC with International Participation

This Congress is being organised jointly by the Spanish Society of Magic and the Magic Circle of Spain (Ring No. 110 of the I.B.M.).

Segovia is one of the ancient, romantic cities of Spain, and is situated high up on a large rock, girdled by the waters of two rivers. It stands as a monument, carved in grey and gilt stone, moorish and medieval.

Its streets are a reflection of a bygone age, with Romanesque churches, manorial palaces, lofty towers, the majestic Cathedral, and above all the millenival grandeur of the Roman Aqueduct, the famous bridge twenty centuries old, still scented with the disquieting aroma of the beautiful legend of "The Devil and the Maiden".

So runs the descriptive matter of the Convention leaflet I received from the organisers, and never has an advertising blurb been more seductively designed to lure the devotees of our art!

The anticipated programme includes the Official Welcome, Lectures and Private Sessions, Tour of the City, Competitions, in which prizes will be awarded for Manipulation, Invention, Showmanship, and Close-Up Magic. There will be an Exhibition of Apparatus and Books, a Grand Gala at the Theatre Las Sirenas, Collective Tours of the Gardens of La Granja, Monastery of El Escorial and Castles en route.

A Grand Banquet closes the Congress with distribution of prizes, followed by a Ball, Spanish Folklore, and other surprises.

Anyone interested in obtaining full information should write to the Secretary of the Congress, Horatio Arias Rodriguez, D.


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