Ten Comedy Tips

Whether you wear a comic rig-out or a dress suit—be natural.

Make mistakes and use them for laughs.

If you are slim, appear to be anxious and surprised when a trick works out right.

If you are fat, be jolly and a bit boisterous.

Make your entrance in the style of your act.

Study your mannerisms so that they make a comment on what you are doing.

in your pocket with the rest of the deck. Read the cards in the other pile with YOUR CARD in it starting at the top, one at a time. (Start listing the cards in the second pile on the piece of paper in front of you. If they've listed five cards in the first pile and 15 in the second pile, you add the two together giving you a total of twenty. Divide this in half which gives you ten. This is important, after he has read the first pile, list the second pile right under it and in totalling the number of cards read to you, you naturally include both piles. The tenth card is their card. If the total is an odd one —such as nineteen, all you have to do is to add one, giving you an even number to divide by and the tenth card is still their card. If the total is 21 or 22, then the eleventh card is theirs. (You never tell the spectators the position of the card.) You just say: "Remember, I don't know a thing and I haven't asked any questions and yet I'll tell you your card ! ! !

You name it and hang up the 'phone— the trick is finished.

For example the first pile has 5C KD AH 2C you list them below from 1 to 5. The 2nd pile has 14 cards such as 3H 6S 9D QC 5D 8D jD JH 10C 7S 4C QH KC AD. You list them from 6 to 19. Total of two piles are 19 add one divide by 2 and your answer is 10. The tenth card is the five of diamonds, the selected card!

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