TO Mystery

A Novelty Cut and Restored Rope Mystery+ha+has been a Hif in the Tar be 11 show.

This is a wonderful creation from the famous American inventor of magic. The magician simply takes a length of rope and ties a knot loosely so that it forms a loop in the centre. He then repeats this several times, so that there are a series of loops each above the other in the form of a chain. Taking a pair of Scissors, he cuts through all the loops and trims the ends hanging, so that he has a long rope with six knotted joins in it. Gathering the rope up he sprinkles some magic powder on it. Suddenly he throws the rope out into the audience completely restored to one whole piece again.

The knots have disappeared and the audience is completely bewildered. No substitution of rope. No adhesives, wires, clips or fekes of any kind. Beautifully illustrated. Instructions and rope.

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