Table Legs

We have sold many different types of Table Legs—but- never has anything sold like these. Honestfy we guarantee you wiCI be delighted you bought them.

Any magician who is on the look out for new table legs, will recognise the sterling quality of these as soon as he sees them. New Streamlined Design. Legs lay close to the floor. Serrated Rubber tips make them Immovable No removable Parts. Completely self contained. Size folded 20". Extend to 36". The whole outfit highly polished Chromium Plate. ERECTED IN 20 SECONDS. This is not an idle boast . . we will do it if challenged!

These legs set an entirely New Standard of rigidity . . . hitherto undreamed of. Automatic Non-Slip height adjustment. Cannot possibly scratch or mark the extension rod

Shown for the first time at Hastings Convention, we soon sold out. Take our word for it, that we guarantee satisfaction, or money instantly refunded.

NOTE.—Each set of legs includes a New Patent Table Top Fitting. This is made in two parts one of which fits into the top of the stand. The other part can be screwed to the underside of your existing table top. The two parts slide together horizontally and lock. To set the top on will add another 5 seconds to the fitting up time

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