Sympathetic Transposition


Sympathetic silks have always found favour, so why not sympathetic playing-cards? The trick described here has many uses. It can be introduced into a card routine; or as a single item; or even adapted to a mentalist's programme. It works "cleanly" and has a startling climax—wholly unexpected.

EFFECT.—A pack of cards is given to a spectator who takes out any four cards named freely by the audience. The magician does the same from another pack of cards. Then the magician takes the four cards from the spectator and inserts them reversed into his pack and puts the pack up on a stand. The other four duplicates are also pushed back into the other pack at intervals, the right way up. This pack is laid upon another stand.

The magi then recapitulates what has been done. After saying the magic spell, the spectator's pack is spread or fanned and the four cards are seen to be the same way with the others. When the other pack is spread, four cards are seen reversed and these prove to be the other duplicates.

METHOD.—A double-face pack is used. In this special pack the cards are identical on both sides. You also require an ordinary pack to match. Hand out the ordinary pack to any spectator to pick out any four cards chosen by the audience. You take the double-face pack and do the same, with the "faces" of the cards to the audience.

Hold the four cards in one hand and with the other hand you take the spectator's four cards. Show that both hands are holding identical cards. You put down these eight cards on the table. Now take the remainder of the pack from the spectator and fan the cards with their backs to the audience. You take up the double-face cards and insert them at intervals into the fan. You have apparently inserted the spectator's four cards reversed info his pack. Close up the fan slowly and lay it face up on a stand at one side.

You take up your pack (the remaining double-face cards) and insert the other four cards (the genuine four) at intervals. Close up the fan and under cover of the front card you reverse all the cards under it. Everything is now ready for the denouement. All you have to do is recapitulate what has been done. You then say the magic spell and spread the two packs one by one and show what the cards have been magically transposed!

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"Tale of a Shirt"


Something new for the children's entertainer—a new story, a new kind of magic and some new fun. It has been carefully tested and found to be a winner, especially as a member of the audience is helping all the time.

The preparation and equipment are easy and economic. You will need :

1 Changing House.

1 Changing Bag.

1 Newspaper with a double piece as in "Modern Magic" (Hoffman).

1 Shirt made from Gingham 20" long and about 14" wide, (normal).

1 Shirt about 12" long and about 9" wide, (short)

1 Shirt about 36" long and about 6" wide (long)

Ragged piece of material of the same colour as the shirts.

The set-up prior to the performance is to put the long shirt into the fake part of the house, the short shirt into the fake side of the changing bag, and the ragged piece into the double piece of the newspaper. The normal shirt lies handy for the show.

Inform the children that you have a very nice shirt, but suggest that it should be sent to the laundry to be pressed. The shirt is shown and draped against your body. This always get sa laugh. A boy is then brought up to assist you.

The laundry is brought forward. Explain that it is rather a silly laundry as there are no windows and no doors. However, the roof opens, so you ask the boy to fold the shirt.


This is placed into the laundry, the flap swung over and, after a few magic words, the laundry is opened up, and the boy withdraws the shirt.

Tell him to open it out as he used the wrong hand when saying the magic words, and naturally you'll have to start all over again. He unfolds the shirt, you pretend not to notice, the children start to laugh, you look at the shirt the boy displays, and it is a very long narrow one. You attempt to drape it over yourself, it looks silly (the shirt does).

Tell him to fold it up, but this time you will have it placed into the bag. The long shirt is placed into the bag, he says the magic words and pats it with his hand, no matter what hand he uses it is always the wrong hand. He takes out the short shirt to refold it, and lo! and behold, the thing has now shrunk, and you are left with a very small shirt. More nonsense with this.

You then take it back from him, and fell him how to fold it. Have it placed into the newspaper. After some more nonsense with the magic words, he opens up the paper, and he is now left with a very ragged shirt. Still you are both in trouble.

The final decision is now to throw the ragged piece into the laundry. Magic words are said, and at last he uses the right hand. The laundry is opened up he withdraws . . . the correct shirt after all!

There are many gags which can be thrown into the effect, and you will get a good ten minutes of fun from it, with plenty of laughs for the children.

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