Sympathetic Silks



In studying sleight of hand tricks from a book, where a particular move has seemed difficult to me, I have experimented and often in the end have evolved simpler means of achieving the same result.

Some years ago, I purchased Proudlock's Sympathetic Silks routine; but it was not until a friend advised me to include it in my repertoire that I set to work on producing it. I bought six yard-square silks which were larger than my friend had used and although I mastered most of the routine without difficulty, the false knots with the bunches of silks were never secure.

After much experimenting, however, I finally solved the problem. Here is the method. Three silks are held in each hand between the thumb and first finger, about six inches from the corners, remaining corners hanging down. Put the three right-hand corners across the three left hand-corners and hold the crossed silks with the right thumb on top and fingers underneath.

Swing the top corners (right-hand silks) back towards the body, turn underneath to the front (left hand holding left silks clear) and tie to other corners, drawing the knot tight with both hands. (Right thumb and fingers holding the crossed silks until the knot is tied). That is the tie.

Now for the vital move! When taking; the three silks in the right hand, insert the right little finger between the one and the two silks, so that the one is towards the audience and is the lower one of the right silks when crossed over the left silks. Hold this position until the knot is tied and then, before showing the tied silks, release the separated right silk on to the left three, making four on that side and two on the other. Grasp the right hand (two) silks about their middle and swing the silks showing them tied.

When again taking the silks in both hands, bring the released silk back to its two, ready for showing the silks separated for the finale.

This tie will stand vigorous swinging when the right positions of the crossings are ascertained. The knot can also be done with three silks, two in the right hand crossed over one in the left. But owing to the greater weight, the knot is more secure when done with two bunches of three silks.

My own routine ends by tying two bunches of three silks together. After showing the tied bunch of six silks, I take three in in each hand at the lower ends, swing out my arms, and show them separate again. I retire with three silks over each arm.

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