Surprising Chance

EFFECT.—A borrowed half-crown is covered with a handkerchief and changed into a penny. Both hands are immediate'y shown otherwise empty.

PREPARATION.—A penny is finger-palmed in the left hand.

PRESENTA TION AND PATTER.—"May I persuade someone to lend me half-a-crown? You have a trusting face, sir. Thank you."

The Performer receives the coin in the right hand and places it between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand which is cupped slightly with its back towards the audience. See Fig 19.

"Now may I borrow a gentleman's pocket handkerchief? Has any gentleman brought a handkerchief? Ah—here's someone whose laundry has come home. Thank you".

The handkerchief is received in the right hand and held by one corner between the first, second and third fingers in the following manner:

The first and third fingers behind and second finger in front of handkerchief, thus clipping the corner securely. The finger tips should be at least an inch below the edge of the handkerchief. In this position the handkerchief is slowly drawn over the half-crown, making sure to start by covering the coin in the corner of the handkerchief first, then drawing the handkerchief right over the coin so that the opposite corner to that which is held is the last part of the handkerchief to pass over the coin.

"This is what is known as illusory metamorphosis. Personally I've never metamorphosis, but it's supposed to be good. The coin will now definitely change colour".

After the handkerchief has been drawn over the coin once, say.

"No change, yet! What colour would you like it to be, sir? Yellow or blue? Cold!—A company promoter."

The second time the handkerchief is drawn in the direction of the body parallel with the left arm, and towards the left breast pocket of the jacket. This will eventually br ing the right hand in a position just above the breast pocket. The left hand holding the half-crown is then extended slightly forward and the handkerchief drawn back a little further to uncover the ha'f-crown.

"No luck again. This must be phoney money. Did you get this coin from a 'phone box, sir? However, the third time should prove lucky."

This time, as the corner of the handkerchief is laid over the coin, the first and third fingers and thumb of the right hand grip the haif-crown behind the handkerchief and carry it away in the direction of the body. See Fig. 20. As the handkerchief is drawn over the empty fingers, the left hand is lowered slightly

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