I have taken up rather more space than I thought would be necessary to explain this first effect in the Comedy Act, so the remainder will have to wait until next month. However, just to complete matters, I will briefly recount the five phases of the effect.

(a) Right hand ball box (or vase) is shown empty and lid replaced. Left hand ball box has its lid removed to show a ball reposing there. This is taken out (palmed ball brought to view) thrown in the air and then replaced (?) in the vase, the lid being then returned.

(b) Performer recaps on the position, but finds the ball (shell) in the right hand vase and the left hand vase empty. He goes to remove the ball from the right hand vase, only to find that empty too and the ball is discovered in the left hand vase.

(c) Ball is removed (palmed ball brought to view) and placed in front of the vase, where it travels along the table top to the other edge of the table.

(d) Ball is recovered and thrust in the right trouser pocket, but is again discovered in the left hand vase. A tomato is found in its place in the pocket, and this tomato is eaten.

(e) Both vases are shown to be empty, and the performer, appearing to be experiencing tummy pains, removes the ball from the lower edge of the vest. All accessories are gathered together and placed aside.

This summary will serve to show that the effect is not overdone although the necessary explanations were rather long. The earnest performer with a keen desire for this type of comedy will soon master the routine however, and will, I hope, be looking forward to next month's article with further explanations.

Yours magically, GEORGE BLAKE.

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