Stuart Robertson

lUi Appreciation "

"May I congratulate you on your No. 4 Catalogue of Magic? It is so easy to find what one wants in it, and is full of good things. I enclose a modest order".

—yours sincerely, Alex Dixon, SHREWSBURY.

"I would most sincerely like to thank you foi the really beautiful spring flowers you sent to help me out, on the Julian Cahn Cup Competition. I did not win, but if the remarks passed about your lovely flowers could have been taken into consideration, I would have won easily!" —Yours very sincerely, E. H. J. Worrall, EARL SHILTON.

"I am delighted with Baffling Bunnies, Cherchez Brer Rabbit and Run Rabbit Run which 1 ordered.

"Thank you also for the copy of "Vampire Mirror' Vol. 1 No. 2. Please put me on your mailing list as I want to keep up to date with your productions.

"I have a copy of your 1954 Catalogue and am intrigued by the lucid descriptions of your effects.

"I shall be placing another order". —Yours sincerely. H. Roger Jones, NUNEATON.

"I have just finished reading your 'Magic Magazine', April, 1954 issue and I might add; it is the best magical magazine I have ever read. Really it contains some fine treasures of magic and wonderful reading matter such as Mr. Blake's article on the Rice and Dagger effect. Your articles, such as the above mentioned one, are presented with such clarity of description that a person really places high value on the effects described in your Magazine, and preserves them for the welfare of the Art of Magic". —Sincerely Yours, Tom Croster. U.S.A.F.. JAPAN

19th. November, 1954.

Dear Max Andrews,

"Fairy-Light" is the best value for money I have ever had. What a trick. I did not believe my own eyes when I tried it out. George Blake's routine is worth the price of the trick. Now I know why it was a sell-out at the Brighton Convention. Thank you very much indeed.

Yours gratefully,

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