Strolling Along

by GEE and WIZ

T.V. they will be found

It is practically fifteen years since we last wrote an article under the above heading, and that is going back to the days of the 'Magician Monthly' which was then published by Carnages. The Magician Monthly, like many other publications, came to an end when the war broke out. However, it is good to know that some of the original contributors are still going strong. Robertson Keene continues to find New Lamps for Old. How he does it, we don't know. "Wand and Fake" are often seen on television, but under another name of course and when they are not on the vicinity of Euston Road.

Norman Hunter, whose stories were a feature on Children's Hour, has now left the old country and settled down in South Africa. Last, but by no means least, we come to Ned Williams who, with an overflowing brain of magical ideas supplied many fine effects. To the younger generation of magicians Ned is better known as -Robert Harbin. The change of name came about when he had his first contract to appear at Maskelyne's and that's way back in the days of St. George's Hall. Oswald Williams was at that time producing shows, and suggested that two Williams on the same bill wouldn't look too good, so asked Ned to find another name. From then onwards Ned Williams became Robert Harbin. Now you know !

As for ourselves, well we're stiil strolling along looking for new ideas, and it was with that purpose in mind that we decided to take a trip to America, and believe it or not, during our three month's stay, we didn't see one magical act. Perhaps that's rather a bold statement for we did see one so called magician in a side show on 42nd Street and his best effort was the Pop Up Tie

In Toronto we telephoned Sid Lorraine and managed to have a short chat before returning home.

Now that we are back in England again we hope from time to time to meet old and new friends and pass on news that will be of interest to our readers.

Pocket Trick:

Presented partly for beginners and in the hope that others wiil find something they did not know or have forgotten.

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