String Of Sausages

SPRING BABY 15 in 15/-

SPRING BABY 24 in 25/14 in. SPRING FISH 4/6


Vampire Production Coils

Suitable for Top Hat, Dove Pan or Production Box

When you are working any kind of production trick either from a box or a hat, the finest thing to finish with is a Paper Coil. All you have to do is to pull one end of the ribbon from the centre and with your wand to whip it into a gorgeous Catherine Wheel of ever-changing colours. At the finish you have a mass of paper which is much too large to get back into its original! container.

A most popular item that never fails to gain applause and one that no chi'dren's entertainer should ever miss out. Size approx. 6 in. diam


Enneagram Essentials

Enneagram Essentials

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