Stick Bottom Edge Oblong Card On Back As Shewn By Shading

folding bottom into place, place a pad of cloth into bottom compartment. This is to deaden sound.

To work, have "Instant Freeze" laid out as directed in the instructions, for one colour. Also have the box facing front on table.

Behind the box set a duplicate glass filled with real ice cream. Work as usual with table to the right. When the mix is shown frozen, pick up box with left hand as the right hand makes to put the glass on the table (at rear of box). In actual fact, it pops the glass into the feke panel, which instantly closes of its own accord while the hand continues its journey to the rim of the other glass, where it is seen resting as the box is removed.

The box is turned with its back to the audience to undo the flap, in order to obtain the cone. The box is made this way purposely so that without saying a word, you prevent suspicion. Take the cone from the box and carelessly place box on table. Pick up the switched ice and shake it info cone.

To complete hand out the cornet to a FAT JOVIAL TYPE OF FELLOW. That, my friends, is your climax. To hold the bottom of the box in place, use a piece of YELLOW adhesive tape. A small touch—but important if you think about it.

Enjoy yourselves,


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