Squaring The Circle Routine


Roland Fraser was a visitor to England last yeai, from Australia, where he is a member of the Sidney Ring of the I.B.M. He also attended the International Convention in Paris and startled many people with his extraordinary fire-eating tricks.

Table at backstage, also at frontstage. Both have a set of designs on, viz.— Oblong, Circle, Star, Oval, Triangle and Square. These are cut out of cardboard or tin and painted aluminium.

PRESENTATION.— Ladies and Gentle men. In my next little offering I am going to do a spot of thought-reading. (Goes to table at back, picks up and shows some cards). Now on this table I have some designs. (Walks to front table) On this table I have a duplicate set of designs. (To stooge assistant either from audience or wings) I am going to ask this young lady to ho'd the designs up one at a time and I will read her thoughts and duplicate each design as she ho.'ds it up. Of course if she concentrates on one particular design whilst holding up an entirely different one, that may fool me for a moment, but not for long as I am absolutely infallible. I have never been known to make a mistake — so far. (Assistant goes through designs leaving the square till last then holds up square — Magi holds up circle, someone laughs. Magi plays dumb till someone says: " You're wrong." Magi: "Wrong? I'm never wrong." Looks around at assistant, faces audience holding square.) (Thunderous applause — or — Magi can't act.)

cause I don't get my fee till afterwards. And that's all for that, thanks a lot, because my time's rationed as well as meat!

•[NOTE.— Just in case you missed it, there was a good deck switch published in the first issue of the April Magic Magazine, and an alternative one in May.

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