Sophisticated Silk


For an adult audience, especially if you are a magical compere, this easy bit of manipulation will both intrigue and get a laugh since it is not without a background of truth !

The performer takes a white silk handkerchief from his top pocket and is just about to use it when he notices that it has several bright lip-stick marks on it. "Good gracious" he says, as he unsuccessfully tries to wipe them off, "now I shall get into trouble at home again".

But he calls the magic laundry to his aid and, after stroking his hand over the hanky, it becomes completely clean.

How it's done.—The handkerchief is made on the old colour -change principle, i.e. a double-silk with a ring at one end through which the inner silk can be pulled whilst enveloping the outer one. In this case, both silks are white, the outer one, originally shown, having lip-stick marks on it and the other one quite clean. It can be home-made if done with care; or the dealer who supplied this magazine will get one for you if you ask him nicely.

" Now can any gentleman lend me a pocket handkerchief."

(With acknowledgements to the Help Yourself Society)

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