Soldier Cutout In Thin Card

"I wonder what it is like being a soldier in Toy Town?" (Here casually turn card round as though to look at picture). This gives the audience the chance to see the back without actually showing it to them. Turn card to face again, then place it in front (halfway) of card held in right hand so that right hand fingers can hold it. The cards are now held in front of body with elbow bent) "I think it would be rather nice if only we could see into their world. However let's see if this soldier will do his duty. First of all we will put the sentry box back in this archway." (Here point to right hand archway stand with left hand. At the same time half turn body to right and open elbow to full extent. This move automatically reverses cards, bringing back to front, but in opposite order. The fake card now takes the place of the genuine soldier card. The above move, although very bare faced, will not be noticed by audience so do not be afraid of it. Now take the back out (to audience) card, actually the genuine soldier card, and place it, still back out in right hand stand. This is done with the left hand. "That's it. Now we will put our smart soldier boy back in his archway so that he can carry on with his work." (Here go to the left hand stand, turn card back out and place in stand. As you do so let cut out slide down into hollow of stand. Ease down with thumb so that it does not go down with a noise. As far as you are concerned the trick is now done but to carry on the business for the audience)

"Now one day, boys and girls, when this soldier was on guard, it started to pour with rain, and as he didn't want to get his nice new red tunic wet he was very worried and wondered how he could get to the other sentry box" (Point to right hand archway) "Then he remembered he was a magic soldier and all he had to do was to wish and say the magic word and he would be taken across to the other sentry box by magic. Let's all say the magic word and then watch carefully to see if we can see him going across. The magic word is BANCO-WHIZO-CO. Are you all ready? Right!" (Here children all shout out the magic word and you do business of passing with hand waving etc.) "Did you see him go across? I did." "You see he has left this sentry box—(Take out left card. Turn face out and stand in front of archway) and we will now find him over in this sentry box". (Go over to right stand, take card out and display as previous case). (Allow a few seconds for children to realise that the change over has actually taken place. They usually show their wonderment. Then put away the apparatus). Story is just bare idea—any story and business can be used to suit your style.

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