Small Head

PRICE £2/0/0 each additional movement


again and bring out a length of ribbon. When the hand is out of sight, the folded cheque is left behind and only the ribbon is brought out.

All that now remains is to tie the ribbon around the bag and in the process the pin is pulled out and dropped to floor. The ribbon is actually tied by both ends together so that a loop of sufficent size extends to place around the neck of volunteer.

The wand handed out is the comedy breakaway article with the clip in position to

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hold it rigid. The second time the clip is drawn with the result that it collapses.

Eventually as already described, the hammer is next introduced and the ring (?) battered. Finally when the handkerchief is spread out the remains seem to have gone completely.

The paper sack is burst in due course and when shaken the stocking drops out to its fullest extent. Have the ribbon undone and get volunteer to reach inside the stocking to recover the borrowed articles.

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