Skull Shakers No



There is nothing startlingly new about this eflect from the point of view of method. However, the plot is simple and direct and has audience-appeal. Further, the trick can be worked with a borrowed pack and no terrific sleights are involved.

Briefly, a spectator selects a card, notes it and returns it to the pack which is shuffled. After showing that the chosen card is neither at the top nor the bottom of the pack the magician invites a second spectator, who does not know the identity of the chosen card, to watch the cards as he riffles them. "Did you get an impression of the colour?" he asks when the spectator has watched the cards riffled through. The spectator says that he had the impression of a black card. The cards are again riffled and the spectator is able to reveal the suit. A third riffle and he reveals the value of the chosen card. Needless to say neither he nor the other spectator is a stooge.

The first part of the effect I leave to you. You can either force a card or allow a free selection and then glimpse the chosen card. Or you can have it returned, perform the pass, and bring it to the top of the pack. One way or another you have to be able to get the chosen card to the top of the face-down pack. That part should present no difficulty.

When this has been done, show the bottom card to the first spectator and ask him to confirm that it is not his card. Then turn the pack facedown once more and perform the double-lift and turn over. In other words, you pick off the top two cards as one and immediately place them faceup on top of the face-down pack. The face of the card immediately below the chosen card is thus revealed. The chosen card, after this move, lies face-up beneath the exposed card. As far as the audience is concerned you have merely taken off the top card and turned it face-up.

Show this face-up card to the spectator and have him confirm that this is not his card. Now hold the pack so that the bottom card faces the audience and remove the top card which will thus have its back to them. Turn it face towards them and insert it in the centre of the pack. The chosen card is now facing you at the back of the pack whilst all the other cards are facing towards the audience. The audience, of course, does not know that the chosen card is reversed. Now cut the pack so as to bring the reversed chosen card to the centre of the pack.

Whilst the second spectator is coming forward. slip the bottom card of the pack to the top so that it is lying face-up on top of the face-down pack. Turn the pack so that this card is facing them. Naturally they think that all the cards are the same way round ... all facing them. Now turn the pack so that it is (apparently) facing the second spectator. The real position is that the first card is facing him but all the remaining cards are backs towards him except the chosen card in the centre. If you riffle the cards in front of him fairly rapidly he will just glimpse the reversed card in the centre for the merest fraction of a second ... he will see just a suggestion of black but no more. Try it yourself and see. (Incidentally, I've rather assumed that the chosen card was a black one; if it wasn't, of course, he'd see a suggestion of red!) If the cards are riffled at the right speed it is not possible to see that a card is actually reversed. It just looks like a flash of colour. Next time through you riffle more slowly and he will sight the suit this time without spotting the value . More slowly still for the third time and he will be able to announce the value as well.

Now this is all a bit startling to the audience because, of course, they do not know that any cards are reversed.

If you want to finish off the effect you can place the pack behind your back, right the reversed card on the face and then perform the one-handed or Charlier pass under cover of your back. If you do this you will find that the pack breaks at the reversed card in the centre and you can therefore triumphantly produce the chosen card. Alternatively, right the reversed face-card as before, leaving only the chosen card reversed in the centre of the pack. Fan the cards for him behind his back and ask him to remove one card without looking at it. Then tell him to reverse it and place it back in the pack so that one card will be reversed. Before this, however, you secretly reverse the whole of the pack so that when he reverses his single card it becomes the same way up as the others and is lost in the pack when he returns it. He can now bring the cards to the front and look for the "one he reversed". He finds that "this" is the chosen card.


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