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tioning one which only occurs in one word. If the spectator says that you are correct so far, you know immediately which word it is and you can proceed to spell it out. The same applies if he says you are wrong. You know it is the word which does not contain that letter.

But if you want to do a prediction you have to provide for two eventualities . . . i.e. page 40, word 44 and page 44 word 40. You have an envelope in one pocket containing a prediction of one word and another in another pocket bearing the other word. As soon as you know which page it is you know which prediction to pull from your pocket.

Now about the switch with the cubes. Place the four "11" cubes on the table first. Have them examined and rolled. The "7" cube is concealed in the left hand. As soon as the spectators have done their totalling after the first throw pick up the cubes one at a time in the right hand and then apparently empty the right hand into the left hand. What really happens is that one of the cubes is retained in the right hand by the simple expedient of trapping it by bending the thumb into the palm and pressing the cube against the palm with the thumb-tip. It does not matter which cube is retained. It appears as if four cubes have been transferred from the right to the left hand. In fact three are transferred and they join the cube which is already in that hand. Don't be afraid of this move. It is done whilst the two spectators are checking their arithmetic and it just looks as if you have politely picked up the cubes ready to hand them to the second spectator when his turn comes to throw them.

If you want to do a long distance thought-reading effect all you have to do is to say to a friend "If someone rings up here and asks for Mr. Smith, tell her the chosen word is 'strange'; if she asks for Mr. Jones, tell her it's 'six'". Some such code is easy enough as it only has to cover two eventualities.

If you take the trouble to make up the cubes you will have a pretty well exclusive effect because you can bet that nineteen readers out of every twenty just won't be bothered.

than this at £3, there's a good plug for you Max!) Three Plastic Beakers obtainable from our friends Messrs. Woolworths, a small wine glass, a bouquet of 25 spring flowers (use Max's Supernu, these are streets ahead of the paper variety and whilst a little more expensive will fast for years (end of second plug Max, do I get a commission on resultant sales?) Some rice and a bottle of baby moussec (champagne, you only use a wine glass full, but you can drink the rest and we trust you will see to do your show if you drink it beforehand, we advise you to drink it at the completion and then your taxi driver can carry you out to the car and you can sleep peacefully on your journey home!^

Place the bouquet tied in a string (this is best done by using a method of Milbourne Christopher's and this is to use a small brass curtain ring, put all the strings of your flowers through this, fold them over and secure with a rubber band, this saves endless time getting the strings untangled, as you merely remove band and flowers fall free of the ring, ready for the next show) these go into red beaker, a small quantity of rice goes into white beaker and lastly a wine glassful of whatever drink you are using into blue beaker. These together with the Milk Jug are standing on your table (by the way when your Pitcher arrives—what you haven't sent the order yet—well send it NOW you will see a gold painted band running around same, well we have used an idea of Hen Festch's and placed a band of red sellotape wide covering this and referring to it as a marker for the level of the milk, and to have this stuck on the jug rather than something painted on to our way of thinking looks far more natural; then as milk is poured you refer to the marker showing how much milk is used at each pour, leaving a little for the cat, no, no, no, not you Andree!!)

The jug is picked up and then the first cup and following the patter routine a little is poured into this cup, (the red one) then into the white and lastly the blue, the jug is replaced on table. The first cup's contents are tossed into the air and you have your bouquet, (also if you wish you may place a fair amount of confetti into bottom of this cup, prior to loading in the bouquet and this is necessary if you use our patter rhyme) and confetti. Then placing this cup aside you pick up white cup and toss the rice into the air. And lastly pick up blue cup and wineglass pour out your drink and give to a member of the audience with your compliments.

In conclusion we would mention that this trick has proved a winner in over 100 shows presented by Andree and can prove the same in yours and by the way the beakers referred to are, of course, the opaque type and not the clear.

(Clad to see you took our advice and got one of Max's Pitcher's—and we can see by your face you're pleased too—good for you, and Max—and us!).

N.B.—Rhyming patter for this routine is in black type so that you may quickly refer to it.

PRICE 42/-


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