Oh, those tumblings and phoney twists and obvious searchings when a silk is to be produced from the hand! I've seen them so often that I feel I must pass on the following little tip. It will ensure ease, certainty and complete naturalness.

In short, we avoid tapes, cotton, beads and, instead rely on the original folding of the hank, plus a tiny bit of cork which is noiseless and unnoticeable.

Lay the hank flat on the table and bring the opposite corners to the middle, as in the Rose Fold . . . Continue to fold in this manner until the syik is about f of an inch wide. Beginning at the top, wind tightly over the first and second fingers of the left hand. P'ace a thin elastic band round the bundle. Let the bit of cork, which you have previously fixed to one of the top corners, slightly protrude, almost from the centre of the bundle—as shown in the acompanying illustration.

"liny cork or Elastic ru&ber bail Banel

Place the bundle in clip and palm it. Hands can be shown empty a la Billiard Balls effect. The fingers of the other hand are placed in the clenched fist containing the silk. The cork is easily found. Pu!l gently and produce. The rubber band will fall to the floor unnoticed.

Simple—yes; but safe and streamlined.

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