overflowing and the bran poured back. The next time the bran box is dipped for filling, however, the catches are released, and the silk container comes to the top. Again the box is brought forth, apparently filled with bran as before, the cloth is thrown over it, and, under its cover the domed lid is removed and casually laid aside with the cloth, leaving the performer free to produce the silks as he wishes.


Sid Boikess who lives across the river at Long Island drove us to his home one evening to meet his lovely family. It was a delightful drive all the way through. After dinner there were many callers and amongst whom was also Carl Rosini. As usual there was much magic to see and do and not until 2 in the morning did we adjourn to the home of Carl Rosini for a short spell. Sid drove us back all the way to our hotel in New York.

One thing in New York we would never have missed was the AUTOMATS. When john Mulholland heard this he came over one morning and took us along. It was great fun unlocking the different chambers and I think m overleaf).

there was more fun in piling our trays than actually eating.

However, all good things come to an end sooner or later- On the 10th December with our minds heavily laden with happy memories, we walked up the gangway and boarded the Cunard liner "MAURETANIA" which brought us to these shores.

John Mulholland and jerry Steiker came with us on the ship to bid us farewell. As our ship passed by the statue of Liberty I could not help remarking to myself . . . "DID IT ALL REALLY HAPPEN OR AM I STILL DREAMING".

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