Silk Slipup


This routine is suitable for either children's entertainers or the performer who deals ¡n adult shows only.

The requirements are simple, and no doubt will be in possession of most magicians. One Changing Bag, One White Silk, One Card Silk, One Mickey Mouse Silk and of course a pack of cards.

For the preparation In one side of the changing bag place the Card Silk, on top of this place the Mickey Mouse Silk, and you are ready. Have the bag, white silk and cards lying handy.

For the effect force a card. As I use the Jack of Spades Silk I naturally force that card. The card is retained by the chooser. You now draw attention to the white silk, which you display, show the changing bag to be empty. Inform the audience that if the gentleman who selected the card will think hard enough, he will form a picture of the selected card upon the silk, which you are placing in the bag.

The silk is placed into the empty side of the bag, change over is made and once you have built up the concentrating powers, dip into the bag and bring forth the Mickey Mouse Silk!

Do not look at the silk as you hold it up for display, but merely ask for applause for the genteman who has been so successful. The audience will soon inform you that there is something wrong, and the gentleman, who as yet is the only one who knows the card, proceeds to tell you that Mickey Mouse was not his card.

Apologise, replace the Mickey Mouse Silk into the same side as the plain silk in the changing bag. Proceed with the concentrating powers, then dip into the bag, bring out the silk . . . BUT . . . before you display this silk, ask the gentleman to show his card. When he has done this, display the silk, and show that at last he has succeeded. Perhaps there is not much magic, but for the entertainment of the layman ... IT IS good

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