Silk Penetration


The performer shows a silk handkerchief, and extending the right forefinger upwards, the silk is draped over it. He then borrows a ring and has the ring placed over the silk and the finger.

The hand is now turned so that the finger points towards the floor, and, naturally, the siik now hangs down from the finger, held there by the borrowed ring.

Two spectators now take a corner in each hand, thus stretching out the silk, the finger is withdrawn and the ring is seen to be encircling it, thus having penetrated the silk.

Secret. The only requirement is a small rubber band, and, of course, the silk handkerchief. The rubber band is placed over the first two fingers of the left hand and those fingers are closed into the hand to conceal it.

Pick up the siik and displaying the right forefinger upright, throw the silk over it, but immediately it is covered, the first finger is bent into the palm and the second one substituted. Thus the silk ¡s draped over the second finger. (See Figure 1.)

The borrowed ring is placed over the silk and finger, and allowed to be seen like this for a moment. (See Figure 2). Now point the hand downwards, and at the same time the left hand goes under the silk, as though to steady the ring, and the rubber band is snapped over the finger and beyond the ring. (See Figure 3). The ring is now removed from the finger and palmed in the left hand. The rubber band prevents the silk from falling and takes the place of the ring.

Two people are now asked to take hoid of the corners of the silk, and to pull the handkerchief out taut, and while you make this request, the left hand puts the ring secretly on to the first finger of the right hand. The thumb goes over the finger to conceal the ring. (See Figure 4).

This move of putting the ring on to the finger must be practised in order to be well

done. The spectators pull on the silk until it is stretched out. When the siik is nearly taut, the second finger is pulled out of the silk and the first finger immediately extended to take its place, along with the ring, in the centre of the silk.

The first finger is moved just off the silk and the appearance will be that the ring has penetrated the silk. The rubber band will fly off and be lost on the floor and not noticed.

Figure 1.

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