Silk Burst


A simple routine for children and adults is now unfolded. You will find that most of the requirements you need are in your cupboard:— 2 Yellow Silks, 1 Changing Bag, 1 Balloon.

Preparation.— Place one of the yellow silks inside the balloon, and put this into one side of your changing bag, or flap box if you prefer the latter.

To present.— Show the yellow silk and inform your audience that you saw a magician do a wonderful trick the other day. He simply took a silk and vanished it. (You can vanish it any method you wish, to the pocket, or by a vanisher, or finger tube).

You then explain that after the magician had vanished the silk, he found it in an empty bag. Show the changing bag empty, and say that so far you have done pretty well, since you have vanished the silk. You say a few magic words over the bag, turn it inside out and show disappointment at nothing there.

You then get a boy or girl up to assist, she says the magic words, and wonder upon

wonder, when you open the bag, she places her hand into it, and withdraws . . . good gracious! ... a Balloon!

You look at the balloon, look at the girl, look at the bag, and shrug your shoulders. " Ah well, let's blow up the Balloon, I seem to have failed with the trick." You now proceed to blow up the balloon, up and up and up and up it goes, until the audience start placing their fingers into their ears, still you go on blowing the balloon. Finally . . . BANC . . . the balloon bursts, and there drifting through space ... is the lost silk!

This is good comedy if put over brazenly.

The Annual Dinner held at St. Ermin's Hotel on the 29th March, once again proved an unqualified success. The genuine delight with which one meets old friends from all over the country, the warm welcome they give you, serves as nothing else can, to bring home the fact that there is more true cameraderie in Magic, than in any other branch of entertaining.

The most interesting aspect to me was the close-up session, which took place for over an hour before the dinner. This was admirably arranged by Francis Haxton, and the guests at each Table were entertained in turn by, amongst others, Archie Tear, His Honour Judge Wethered, and Dr. Franklyn Taylor (of Peek Deck fame) from the U.S.A. The latter had only dropped in for a short while, owing to previous engagements, but from what I saw, and his audience reaction, his sponge routine was very much appreciated.

After a hearty dinner, the acting President, Bill Stickland proposed the Loyal Toast, followed by visitor Percy Press, who proposed the health of the "British Ring". The Toast to the "Visitors and Ladies" was proposed by Eddie Dexter, responded to by Mrs. Jack Salvin.

The Cabaret which followed was of very high standard, and each artist performed with zest, and in a very entertaining way. These were Prof. W. H. Woodley, Lewis Canson, Hilda Bertram, Freddie Carter, John Salisse and Margaret, Phyl and Tommy Rowe, and Sidney Peake.

The party broke up towards midnight, but for those staying in Town we arranged a big tea party in the Hotel Lounge which went on till 2 p.m.! Altogether an extremely happy and memorable evening, in spite of the thick snow which lay outside.

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Max Andrews' ||at LeVÍtatlOll

How often have you wished for a good impromptu stunt which you can do at a moment's notice—without preparation—in or out of doors.

Now you can borrow your friend's hat and, with a few magnetic passes, cause it to cling to the tips of the fingers in any position! Move your hand about, but the Hat Always Remains Suspended!!

Hands are continually shown to be empty during performance, and no threads, wax, or body attachments are used. Hat may be thrown into the air, but when caught again instantly clings to the finger tips. It may be freely shown inside and out during the working.

An idea like this can do much to enhance your reputation as a magician, for to the uninitiated it always appears more difficult to perform a trick with a borrowed, everyday article. Price O /fí


Magicians can do many things, but did you ever expect to see one offer a large steel nail for inspection and then bend it in half over his teeth! No! Neither will your audience, but this is in effect what you can do if you get Naii-O.

Very simple to work. Can be done any time, anywhere under any conditions. The bent nail is also examined and the spectators cannot bend it straight with their fingers. Can be repeated. Not a feat of strength.

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