The effect is based upon one by Louis Lam in which a chosen card appears in the centre of the four aces. I worked that effect for some time but was not happy about it because it seemed to me that the laying aside of the four aces and the immediate vanishing of the card told the spectators that, somehow or another, the chosen card was removed with the four aces.

As soon as they discovered that the chosen card had disappeared from the pack they knew it must be with the Four Aces. In my version I have tried to stop this "jumping to conclusions" by convincing them that the chosen card is still in the pack AFTER the four aces have been placed on one side.

You will have noticed, perhaps, that I have nowhere said that the chosen card IS still in the pack. Yet everyone, with the exception of the first spectator perhaps, thinks that it is. Let's look at this part of the problem first, taking it for granted for the moment that the chosen card is already sandwiched between the Aces in the tumbler BEFORE the magician starts to look through the pack. The audience are given the impression that he is looking for the chosen card. In fact the chosen card was forced and the magician is really looking for an indifferent card upon the face of which he has affixed, with Melrose, a small piece of white card bearing the legend "I predict 8 of Clubs" or whatever the force card is to be. This is the card which is shown to spectator number one.

If you will study the description of the effect again you will see that the magician never asks the first spectator if the card shown to him is the chosen card. He says, merely, "This is my prediction" ... a statement which fits accurately with the words on the white card. The First spectator is quite happy therefore, for he sees a prediction written on the card and when he is asked "Is that correct?" he can cheerfully say "Yes". As far as the audience is concerned, however, they take the words 'This is my prediction" to mean "This is the (actual) card which the spectator chose". As far as the audience is concerned, therefore, the first spectator has just seen the chosen card and as the card which he has seen is openly placed back in the pack they are satisfied that it is still in circulation.

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