Secret Device

Our latest production in this line is really lovely. Made in pure silk, it has all the colours of the rainbow radiating from the centre. A simple foolproof method.

with a certain pressure. They will withstand full examination, but no key or apparatus is necessary to open them.

Ideal for use with a rope escape, when tied in a sack, or for escape from a trunk.

price 42/.

This piece of apparatus enables you to make a very quick escape from any regulation police handcuffs. It is neatly made, easily concealable, and was used by Houdini. If you can call in we will demonstrate it to you.

price 12/6

Three different coloured silks are shown separately.

Taking them between his hands the magician simply waves them up and down a few times . . . WHEN SUDDENLY THEY CHANCE INTO THE LARGE SUNBURST SILK !

THE TRANSFORMATION IS INSTANTANEOUS. No cover of any kind used . . . yet no one can see anything happen !

It is a very surprising effect and always brings a good burst of applause.

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