Second Method

EFFECT.—Performer's left arm is raised and bent so that the left hand is in front of the chest. A match is held between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand, the plain end of the match brought in contact with the elbow joint of the left arm and immediately the match jumps high in the air.


PRESENTATION AND PATTER—"Ladies and gentlemen, this is known as bending the elbow. The only real difference is that the pint pot is missing. In its place we have a match".

The match, head pointing upwards, is gripped near the bottom, tight-ly, between the tips of the nails of the thumb and forefinger of the right hand. The bottom end of the match is now brought down on to a bulge in the crease of the cloth at the upper side of the elbow (See Fig. 18) pressed down slightly, and then released. It should be possible after very little practice to make the match jump a considerable distance.

"Here is a new method of travelling, Stand on your own elbow, and say the Magic words, 'Stilto—Stilto—Cheeso—Cheeso' and there you are—or are you?"

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