An easily-made feke is necessary. Clue four cards together. Cut into the back of them a space to take the shape of a small bottle. This "bottle" can be made of tin, painted a shiny black and with a miniature whisky label on it. At each corner of the base is a lighter spring fixed to feke and connected with the "bottle". At the cork end is a clip to keep it down flat.

To begin with, the feke should be underneath the pack. False shuffle; then force the nine of diamonds and have it returned to about the middle of the pack. Cut the feke, with one or two cards on top of it, to the top.

Now show the cards on top of the feke one at a time, saying "You could, of course, have chosen this one or this one" until you come to the feke. Continue "Instead you chose the nine of diamonds, well-known as the Curse of Scotland. Let's see if this strange Curse will come to the top and reveal itself."

Cover the pack for a moment with a handkerchief previously borrowed. As you take it away, after commanding the Curse to appear, release the bottle which will spring upright and appear as though it were standing on the pack.

For a good finale, drop a card and add: "You wili appreciate that this is a Scottish trick but (slyly) this is the only DROP you are getting!"

Dear Max,

Here is my subscription to your new "Magic Magazine," and may it be a great success !

If only it could have during the year one really great (1) Mental Item, (2) Oriental Effect, (3) First Ciass Illusion, I am sure it would add to its success. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

With my kind regards to you all, Signed

This letter from Dr. Sir Alexander Cannon, K.C.C.B., M.D., M.A., Ph.D., D.P.M., R.C.S., F.R.S.A., Hon. F.B.P.S., set us thinking.



This is not set out to be an invention, but is an old principle in a new dressing, and as such it is made extremely amusing and vastly more entertaining than the old version.

Three rubber mice are shown, and placed side by side on the table. The performer picks them up one at a time and shows by pinching them that only one of them squeaks. The audience actually hear it squeak as it is packed up.

The audience are now requested to keep their eyes on the squeaky one, which is "Wheezy Anna". Then he mixes them up in a deliberate manner, and asks the onlookers "Where is 'Wheezy Anna' "? Needless to say they always pick the wrong one ... for the performer always proves that it is one of the others that squeaks !

WORKING.—All you need are the little sqeaky rubber mice, and a spare squeaker of the bellows type, which you can probably get from another toy, or from Woolworths. Fix an elastic band to the squeaker so that you can wear it on your arm, under the sleeve, just above the left wrist.

What is your idea of what you would like to have in the "Magic Magazine"? The Editor will offer a Voucher of 5/- for each letter published on this most interesting subject. Letters should be brief and of not more than two hundred words. Send letters to Max Andrews, 10/11, Archer Street, London, W. 1.

All you have to do now is to press your arm against your body to make the gadget squeak. You will have to take the squeakers out of the mice, and then you can make wh chever one you wish, appear to squeak.

Some performers prefer to leave one squeaker in, so that the audience can see for t-hemselves that one of the mice has a genuine squeak. Do try it for I'm sure you will like it.

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