What a good job Goodliffe is calling his gathering a Jamboree. A wag once said that the road to Hell was paved with good Conventions.

Give a schoolboy a Magic Set and you'll keep the home sires learning.

1st Magi.—Did you hear the latest definition of a scientist.

1st Magi.— It's a magic dealer who is always trying to prolong life so that we can have time to buy all the gimmicks he invents.

Do you do a patter act? Remember talk is cheap because the supply always exceeds the demand !

Second Sight is what people think you have when you guess correctly !

Competition in the entertainment world is indeed fierce. Even the chorus girls try to outstrip one another

A magician recently told us that he gave a moving performance, but the only moving performance we ever saw was when the audience headed for the exit !

Conversation Piece. Some magicians talk as though rehearsing for a performance !

Magicians suffering from swollen head should practice the floating ball trick with their inflated ego !

One thing in favour of watching a Magic Show. However hard you clap, you are quite safe from an encore.

A plea for quality apparatus. If some performers put faith and hope in some homemade apparatus we've seen, they'll have to work for charity !

Not stocked by dealers . . . clothes that fake the

A magician is a man who can fiddle in silence . . . especially when he gets his load caught up !

The lightning calculator will tell you figures don't lie, but we've met some nice figures who have led us astray.

The fact that silence is golden may explain why some magicians complain of their fees.

If you can take this I'll be back with some more next month. So cheerio for now.

" Stoogie "

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