Sack Escape

No Duplicate Sacks.

Nothing to go Wrong.

No Risk or Trouble.

Can be Examined.

For a publicity stunt at a fair, carnival, social gathering or open air fete, there is nothing which excites more attention than a good escape act, and this Sack Escape is very good visible magic.

The sack is examined, and then the performer gets inside. A committee of spectators is allowed to assist in tying him up, and there is no substitution of sacks* etc. The knots can be sealed if required.

Behind a screen, which can consist simply of a covering held up by two assistants, the performer makes a very fast escape, and when he walks out with the sack over his arm . . . AND THE KNOTS STILL TIED ... IT CREATES A SENSATION AND PROLONGED APPLAUSE I

No previous experience necessary. Sack Complete with full routines.

is of best quality linen and perfectly made. PRICE Q7 ¡d

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