and displays the silk front and back. The left next releases its hold and once again the yellow silk is retained in the right as in Fig. 4. The left fingers now close lightly around the silk and strokes it down a couple of times. However, as the hand comes up for the third time to repeat the stroking operation, the fingers close over the THUMB TIP and pull it off the thumb and down. Actually this action is no different from the previous stroking gesture. As the THUMB TIP is carried away, the right thumb presses against the yellow which action incidentally brings out the corner of the red and keeps it up in position while the rest of it comes gradually to view during the downward passage of the left Our photo Fig. 5 clearly depicts the relative positions of the THUMB TIP and the two silks with each other.

Briefly the effect as it strikes the onlookers is that by merely stroking the yellow silk you have been able to create yet another of a different colour.

Fig. 6 shows how, at the end of all this the silks are separated and held one in each hand for purpose of display. This is really a 'behind-the-scene' shot to show how the THUMB TIP is kept out of spectators view. While disposing of the silk in the left, the THUMB TIP is got rid of at the same time.

STRETCHING A SILK:—This is another delightful bit of magic and can be presented as effectively with silks as with ribbons, strings or shoe laces. However, I am detailing the effect with silks but this may be substituted according to the individual performer's fancy.

For this effect you will be needing 2 silks of the same colour. One of these is concealed inside the THUMB TIP and worn on the right thumb. The other is exhibited by one corner as in fig. 4 and shown both sides as in the previous case. It is again held in the right between thumb and first finger, and pulled across the left palm as shown in Fig. 7. This action is repeated twice, and as the

right hand lays the corner of the silk on the left palm for the prelude to yet another repetition, the left thumb presses over the tip and the right pulls the silk away only half way across this time.

Fig. 8 shows the state of affairs at this point. The THUMB TIP is hidden under the visible silk and you have, by your actions, satisfied the onlookers that all you have in your hands is a single silk. The left fingers now close over the silk and the hand turned over to bring its back uppermost

as you see in Fig. 9. The end nearest the thumb part of the fist is then pulled until the opposite corner goes out of sight into fist. Again the left fist is turned back to former position so as to bring the finger tips on the upper side. The right thumb and first finger now reach into fist from the little finger end and pulls out about an inch of the silk that was originally concealed in the THUMB TIP. Fig. 10 depicts this part of the action. Again turn the fist over as before. The right hand now merely passes lightly across the silk protruding from the thumb end, just to convey the idea that you are pulling on it from this side as well. Thus you alternate with the turning of the fist, up and down. Everytime the back of the hand is uppermost you merely pretend to pull out the thumb end of the silk When the back of the hand is parallel with the floor then you really pull out about another inch of the other silk. You continue in this manner, and the silk is seen to be stretched bit by bit to twice its diagonal length.

When about an inch or so of the duplicate silk still remains inside the fist, pinch it along with the corner of the other silk and pull out both the rest of the way as now seen in Fig. 11.

Instead of square silks, if you use about a three inch wide strip, then you could easily start with a short piece and stretch it to about three or four TIMES ITS LENGTH Needless to mention that the longer one is concealed in the THUMB TIP to start with.

SHOWER OF CONFETTI:—This is just a quick effect of reaching out, grabbing something and immediately tossing out a shower of confetti. The whole action is rapid and continuous from start to finish.

Fill enough confetti into a THUMB TIP so that it could be worn on the thumb conveniently. Reach out with the hand and close fingers around the TIP as described in my previous article for the SINGLE HANDED SILK PRODUC-

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