Rubber Wineglass Covers

We can now supply the Best Quality Pure Para Rubber Covers, exactly as those we made before the War. These are invaluable to every magician, for producing glasses of wine from body loads or from Production Boxes. Guaranteed safe and sure.

Small Size—for Wineglasses, Cocktail glasses etc. 2/6 Large Size—for Tumblers. —3/-


Makes even an old pack of cards fan and mani-Pu'ate like NEW. For decorative card fanning you MUST have it. Wi.l not harm the cards. PkICE 1/-

Vampire " MILKIT "

A teaspoonful of this fluid will make a half-a-pint of genuine looking milk ! Creamy and opaque. Never settles. Keeps indefinitely and can be used over and over again. A boon to magicians. Use for all milk tricks. For stage use only.


The finest in the business. Can be used for making all rope fekes and in numerous routines. If required to work in a show it will join instantly and with great strength. Ideal for close up work, and for use with our Soft White Rope listed in this Section. PRICE 2/-


A tiny quantity of this essence cannot be seen in the glass, yet makes a perfect foaming beer, either light or dark, by pouring in water. PRICE 2/6


Specia'ly prepared for the use of magicians and ideally suited for a'l purposes. Indispensable to Card Workers.


Made to our secret formula and unlike any other. Guaranteed will not wear off the cards at all. Indispensable for all. Rough and Smooth Card Tricks and Packs.

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