Rubber Hammer

A splendid Comedy Cag for children's shows and parties. Quite harmless.

Binders for "magic magazine"

We have been approached from a number of sources, asking if we will be able to supply binders to keep our magazines in good condition. We are happy to say that we can now offer these, and what a beautiful production they are.

This binder is not a homemade affair, but the product of a large firm. It is finely constructed in very stout board, and covered in morocco leatherette The title and Volume is COLD BLOCKED ON THE SPINE.

Each magazine is added by means of a patent metal fitting, and is accomplished in a moment.

THE BINDER IS MADE TO LAST TWO YEARS, AND TAKE 24 MAGAZINES, THUS IT IS VERY ECONOMICAL. It certainly looks handsome on your bookshelf and makes the work of referring to earlier copies, a real ease.

PRICE J5/. each


^ We have on numerous occasions been

^ asked to supply our dear little Rabbit in Hat

^ transfers, so we thought we would release

^ them so you can all make use of them.

FOR PUBLICITY PURPOSES—put one in ^ the centre of the back window of your car.

X FOR DECORATION—they look very

^ nice on well painted apparatus.

^ They are Real Paint Transfers, size exactly the same as the illustration. Black ^ and White, with Rabbit shaded Brown as

^ Easily put on with cold water.

% PRICE ym each

^ Three Transfers for 2/6

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