Dear Mr. Andrews,

After reading the advert about your "Fade Away" ink I thought up this little routine, which I call "The Washer-Woman's Boon", hope you like it. If by any chance it did get printed (if!) please let me know, as it would give me a bit more encouragement, which I don't get at the moment, because I'm too young to join any magical society in our area.

Best wishes to you and your staff etc. Here is the routine, coming up ! !

Your sincerely,

Roger Clipsham (aged 14).

Requirements : Bottle of "Fade-Away" ink, two men's handkerchiefs (not silks), compressible bouquet of flowers, "Miracle Pitcher" or "Pour less" Milk Bottle, Top Hat or box (9" high x 5" x 5" approx.), two corn pads, one soaked in ammonia and left to dry, the other soaked in hydrochloric acid and left to dry, (see page 122, August 1955, of M.M.), although this may be omitted if you don't like playing about with chemicals, or a Vampire "hand flash" or "Nu-flash" could be introduced, any vanisher for handkerchiefs.


2. One handkerchief (A) has a hole cut out in the middle (see why I don't use the silk?) placed in hat.

3. One handkerchief (B) on table by the bottle of ink (?)

4. Bouquet of flowers fastened in hat ready for production, beneath the handkerchief (A).

5. Milk Pitcher at "ready" on table.

7. One corn pad ready to be picked up with handkerchief (B).

8. Vanish ready for handkerchiefs.

(Oh ! I nearly forgot to tell you the effect).

Effect: Performer shows handkerchief and then proceeds to explain the properties of a new liquid soap for clothes that he has invented (milk in Pitcher). He then pours a small amount of ink

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