Here is a routine which has proved and is still proving a great favourite in my kiddies' shows this season.

The props required are "Evaporated Milk" Jug, "Funny Funnel" (with control valve), Vampire De Muth Milk Bottle in which the milk vanishes visibly, a tumbler (clear) paper cone, some Milkit fluid and comedy pistols or a bradawl.

Set-up the Evaporated Milk jug to appear as though full. The funnel with as much milk as it will hold and the bottle with an inch or two in the bottom to appear as if the jug has just been filled from it.

(This not only looks authentic but has another use which you will see later).

Now for the working and a suggestion of patter which I use.

"Is there a boy or girl here who would like to know how to make evaporated milk?" (Get one to stand at the side of you).

"Well here we have some milk and if you watch as I pass it in front of you, you will see it change. Did you see it change? No? Well now it's pasteurised (past your eyes). But we want it evaporated and that's very difficult to get because the cows have a hard job sitting on these little tins, so we'll have to try it by magic".

"First I'll pour some into this paper cone". (Pour from Evaporated Jug). "Ugh, it's all running down my sleeve". (Place jug aside and fold top of cone down to prevent assistant seeing inside). "You hold it and let it run down your sleeve". (Give to assistant to hold. This situation usually gets lots of laughter from the children You stand aside beaming, then gradually notice your helper is not looking uncomfortable and ask) "Isn't it running down your sleeve?" (Tell, him to look inside cone to see why not. They are usually most surprised to find the milk has disappeared. You also act surprised, saying) "now I wonder where it has gone? Why it's evaporated, so that's how you get evaporated milk".

"But I wanted that milk and as you were holding it, it must have gone inside of you.

Well I'm sure you wont mind me shooting a little hole in you to get it out again. So just put your fingers in your ears and you wont hear the bang and 1 promise it won't hurt".

(Here you introduce the comedy pistols, "Bang gun, Balloon gun, Sausage gun, Breakaway gun, etc., or the bradawl prop)

Continue "Oh I can't make a hole in your head, so we'll have to try to get the milk out of your ear. Keep your finger in whilst I put this funnel at your elbow then the milk will run down your sleeve and into it".

"Now let us have another little boy or girl to pump your other arm up and down." Allow milk to run into milk bottle until it is full, but still leaving some in funnel. This depends on the capacity of your funnel and how much you leave in the bottle as I remarked earlier. Pretend not to notice the bottle is full until it overflows then shout). "Whoa! Stop pumping or we'il have a flood". (Place funnel on table opening downwards, milk bottle is now all set for vanishing its contents in its truly magical way).

Say "Now, just to make sure you don't make this milk vanish again I'll put the bottle on your head and you tell me boys and girls if you see the milk going away".

Place the bottle on the assistant's head but keep hold of top and release the "necessary" to make the milk visibiy disappear. Keep your eyes on the audience who will start shouting but pretend not to understand. Play this situation up until they are all shouting and jumping up and down and until you know the bottle has finished working.

Glance at it and look back at the audience as if you didn't realise what had happened, then suddenly fet a look of surprise appear on your face and again look at the bottle as if you can't believe your own eyes. This is known as a 'double-take' and done correctly is always sure of a laugh. Ask the assistant where the milk has gone and blame the audience for not telling you. Say "Now we'll have to try and get it back again".

Place the funnel at the assistant's elbow as before and give instructions to start pumping. Hold the tumbler well below the funnel to get a good stream of milk. Stage whisper once or twice to assistant who's pumping, to stop or carry on and control the flow accordingly.

If in a place where it doesn't matter, lift the tumbler up as assistant starts pumping and the milk splashes on to the floor. Shout "Whoa! Stop pumping or we'll all have to sit and cry over spilt milk".

Dismiss your assistants with many thanks.

Dear Sir,

Many thanks for Magnetic Harmony—am VERY PLEASED with it.

May I bring to your notice the NOTE at the foot of the manuscript—about KEEPING THE SECRET. On Saturday last, I paid a visit to my local cinema where a film of the GREAT CANASTRA was being shown; I was both surprised and DISGUSTED when he EXPOSED the CODE of the MEMORY TEST— there must be hundreds of acts like myself making a living out of this business working the same effect; why must this man do this sort of thing?

As I purchase most of my effects from you I thought I would drop you a line about it and get it off my chest—to someone anyway. Perhaps you can bring it up at one of the Circle Meetings.

Best Wishes, Frank Holmes.

Dear Mr. Andrews,

Many thanks for the March issue of Magic Magazine, I liked George Blake's rope routine 'Left-over-right-over-left'. I have added a bit more to his routine, and if you think it worthwhile, I would like you to publish it in Magic Magazine.

Yours magically,

T. A. Griffith. "LEFT-OVER-RIGHT-OVER-LEFT" I have added the following to George Blake's routine as appeared in March issue of the Magic Magazine. I have worked it before a drawing room audience and it has gone down very well, causing a laugh at the conclusion.

George Blake finishes up with the following patter, "Do you mind putting the darned thing away? Otherwise we will all go Knotty — I mean Nutty".—Then the magician coils up the rope and places it on his table.

Telling the audience that he has just performed the hardest way to make a knot appear in a rope he states that he will now perform an easier method. So saying, he shakes the "woofle dust" over the rope, and picking up one end discovers that there are a number of knots tied at intervals along the rope. Thus the magician has got himself into a knotty situation.

The working is fairly well known, but to the uninitiated here it is:—

Hold the end of the rope in the left hand and with the right hand, take the rope about 20 inches below the left hand. The rope must be held with the fingers at the back and the thumb in front. Thus the right hand will have its palm faced towards the audience. The right hand is now brought up and round in a circle towards magician's body, the thumb describing an arc until the knuckles of the hand point directly towards the left hand. The loop in the right hand is then placed in the left hand along with the end already there.

The above mentioned move is repeated until all the rope is used up. Every loop formed will cause a knot to appear. To finish, take the free end of the rope and place it in the left hand. The rope is now dropped onto the table retaining the end, thus letting the coijs drop over it, and leaving the end ready to pick up later. To conclude, pick up the end of the rope and it will be seen there is a knot for every loop formed.

Try the above mentioned and you will find it gets a good laugh from the audience. I don't know who discovered the idea but I've seen several magicians use this method of knot tying, and it always goes down well with a lay audience. Happy Looping.

Dear Max, just a word of thanks and praise for the Punch and judy puppets which I purchased from you. The workmanship is second to none —they're a treat to look at and certainly a treat to work with. Just one other thing I purchased an effect from you which literally astounds and paralyses the audience, with, of course, a good presentation. The effect?—

it's too cheap at 10/--"Psychic Cards".

However Max, here I am again, after some more winners from the M.A. (Vampire) stable, see attached leaflets.

Yours sincerely,

B. Pilkington.

New Zealand.

(The "Mad"gical Maniac) 26/3/54.

Max Andrews, 10/1 1, Archer Street, London, W. 1. Dear Max,

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