Regarding photography, if one can introduce the feminine angle, it is likely to be a pointer to success. In most stories, however, it is overdone, and if expressed in a cheap way will not lend itself to newspaper publicity.

after only a brief break since his previous engagement there. Last time he was working a Troublewit Act, now it is Chapeaugraphy. He should get on if only for his enterprise, but we know that he puts his own original brand of humour into his shows, and this one is probably "Mad Chapeaugraphy"!

PETER DULAY was in the stud.o recently and he is another comedy Magician. He reports good business. It seems he only uses comedy props and just enough magic to hang his gags on.

TOMMY COOPER looked us up ... on the hunt for comedy gags, as ever. He was due to start at the London Palladium the next week, and we now see that he is now playing there, and with very nice biling too. It's a long time since magic went to the Palladium —at least Tommy does do a trick sometimes!

DAVID GOLDSTEIN a visitor from Egypt, spent a lot of time in our Studio during his stay in England, and his chief love was to get through our 'magic doorway' into the hidden realms at the back, where all the stock is kept, where the packer busily packs all day—and magic is magically assembled! Max has his office there—and what a busy one it is . . . and David would spend hours saturating himself in magic lore so that he could take a good account back to the Magic Circle of Egypt, which he was instrumental in founding in 1923. He is, incidentally, the Editor-in-Chief of the Egyptian Gazette, a leading newspaper in that country, and we have no doubt that he will be writing some interesting columns about his visit here. He is actua'ly an Englishman, but has spent most of his business life in Egypt. We look forward to receiving news about the Magic Circle's activities in future.

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The publicity game is big business. It is not my intention to provide a full treatise on the subject, but it will be cropping up now and again in "Roundabout" and I hope that the points I make, and perhaps those dealt with from letters, will be helpful to you

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