Ross Bunce

form of magic from the EGG BAG to ESCAP-OLOGY, making a special feature of Eddie Joseph's "Electronic Release". I thought the high spot of his act was to leave a chosen card, from a batch of sixteen, on a selected panel of a multicoloured board, the removal of the unwanted fifteen cards being controlled by the audience. By way of criticism I would suggest that JOHN hurried through too many effects in so short a time but perhaps I am a relic of a slower and more peaceful era.

ROSS BUNCE followed with an act supported by extremely clever and humorous patter so that apart from his skill as a magician he was able to administer a good dose of that fine tonic— laughter. Here, I think, the high spot was the soiled silks in LUX BOX, an effect which always seems to please and goes to prove that the wonderful cleansing properties advertised of modern detergents certainly ring true in the hands of a magician—he doesn't even have to use water.

He concluded with his latest crazy table consisting of a few pieces of rough wood hammered together on the spot which, as you may imagine, got many laughs.

DE VERE, who came next, was one of those unfortunate few whom people seem to call upon to deputise at short notice—it makes me nervous to think of such a fate. However, he seemed well equipped to cope and gave us a good show with ropes, cords, slates, etc. The high spot here, I thought, was a chosen card transferred from the pack to a picture frame—not just the usual version but the card is revealed actually spinning in the frame. He demonstrated this effect recently at the MAGIC CIRCLE.

STEVE HENSON concluded the evening in grand style. His skill at card fanning is I think delightful to watch as also is his effective and

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