Rope Eternal


The requirements are: A length of rope, approximately four feet, one end of which has a North Pole Magnet inserted, the other end a South Pole Magnet. A short piece about one foot long, one end of which contains a North Pole Magnet. The other end is left untouched, except perhaps to be treated in some way to prevent fraying. See Figure 1.

To commence, the ends C. and B are together, and the performer appears holding a long festoon of rope, end D in the left hand, end A in the right . See Figure 2. Patter can run along the lines that ghosts play some queer pranks at times, and to illustrate this the performer ties the ends of the rope into a knot. To do this neatly, the left hand is moved down the rope to cover the ends B and C and thus avoid a premature opening, and a knot is tied on the ends A and D. See Figure 3.

The thumb and first and second fingers of the left hand hold the rope above end C and the third and fourth fingers grip the rope below end B Claiming that the ghosts can be heard cutting the rope, the left hand parts the joint at C—B and allows C and the knotted ends A and D to fall. The rope now hangs down as in Figure 4.

Taking the rope at either side of the knot, the ghosts are requested to untie the knot, and by gently pulling on each side of the knot it becomes undone. The performer now holds two pieces and he calls attention to the four ends. Bringing the ends A and C SIDE BY SIDE, the two ropes being held together in one hand, the ends, being of like Poles, will be repellent, and will wiggle and perform all manner of movements.

The ghosts are commanded to make the rope whole again, and the end B is rested on the left palm, A being allowed to hang down. The rope D C is brought over end B and as they approach one another, a flash is fired, at which moment B and C are allowed to touch and unite.

Commence to gather the rope into the left fist, taking the part C D first, and before it is all gathered up, commence to tell the story of one end of the rope representing Birth and the other Death, and between them the Lifetime. Stretch the rope between the hands, BUT LEAVE THE SHORT PIECE (now separated) IN THE FIST.

Point out that the two sources of trouble are the ends Birth and Death ( A and B) and if we could only get rid of them we should have an endless piece of rope representing Eternity. "As I travelled on my journey I met a marvellous old man who suggested that I tied the ends. This I did but the ends remained". Tie a knot on ends A and B and show the ends protruding. "So that was useless. Another old man suggested that I cut the rope, but if I were to do that, I would have two shortened lives, each with two ends. Then the ghost spoke to me—" (I actually use a recording for this) "and the voice said 'If you will only believe in the power of the human heart to heal people and things, even cut and mutilated rope can be restored'.

"Placing the two ends to the heart the rope instantly became one endless circle, and so. having got rid of those two sources of trouble. Birth and Death we have Circle of Eternity, having which ensures Peace and Everlasting Happiness". The last few spoken words are self explanatory. The rope can then be bunched up and placed aside, together with the short piece.

Next follows a routine submitted by Jim A. Roberts .of Ratlam, M.B. who writes under the name of "Jaro".



"Ladies and Gentlemen. I have here three pieces of rope. You would expect me to state— three pieces of ordinary rope ! No ! They are far from ordinary—they are in fact very extra-ordin ary pieces of rope as they do possess a special power. Candidly speaking 1 stole them from a Chinese Priest. I would be very grateful should some one from the audience kindly step forward and examine them".

Here you have the three pieces of rope lying on your left palm—the feke being the last towards the left. First have the piece first from the right examined and when you receive it back place it on the left palm, left of the feke. You hand out next, i.e. now the first from the right, for examination and while this is being examined you under the cover of a left turn switch the two pieces of rope on your left palm, i.e. you give out the piece that was examined first as the third piece of rope.

"Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the three pieces of rope have been examined to the satisfaction of the kind gentleman here. In China—the Chinese are very particular when they have their daughters marry; special care is taken that their daughters get good mothers-in-law ! Should a family decide upon a suitable boy for their daughter, to ensure that she gets a good mother-in-law, —a cermony is held presided over by a Chinese Priest who has these three special pieces of rope.

The Priest calls forward the girl, the mother of the boy (or should I state mother-in-law to be!) and the boy; I shall be further grateful should a lady and a gent oblige by coming forward to assist me by taking the part of the girl and boy respectively.

Since it is not tactful to ask someone to take the part of the mother-in-law and as a magician can only take the part of the Chinese Priest—I shall take upon myself to act two parts, that of the mother-in-law and the Chinese Priest . The Priest after calling up the three, hands them a piece of rope each. Here you are madam take a piece of rope and you sir, take another and I shall keep the third one. The Priest then requests the three to form independent loops, so I request you to tie the two ends of your respective pieces of rope to form strong loops—I shall do like-wise. The Priest then collects the loops".


We have some scar ce numbers of the first volume, made up into sets so far as we are able. We often get requisitions for these, and therefore have turned out in the sDring-cleaning, everything available. THERE WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE ANY MORE

AT ANY TIME ! VOL. I. Several Sets Complete except for No. 2 20/-VOL. 1. „ •„ „ „ Nos. 2 & 4 18/6

VOL. I. (1 only) „ „ „ Nos. 1, 2, & 4 17/-

VOL. I. Several sets „ „ Nos. 2, 4 & 6 17/-

Few Binders Available, to take 24 Copies

Automatic Binding. Gold Blocked 15/- each

Here you collect the loops and as you place them on your left hand palm—as in the case of Chinese linking rings—you secretly link them together.

"The Priest after collecting the loops says a special long prayer . . . and then holds out the loops".

Here you hold out the loops showing that all are linked together.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, should this be the result—nothing better could be desired—the union would be most successful—the three would be thick as thieves. Should the result be this—

Here you show two loops linked together and one separate—the union would not be a great success—and alas! should the result be this:—

Here you show all the three loops separate. —then Ladies and Gentlemen, the Union spells DISASTER ! !

Well, the rest can follow any pattern you like, and a good routine can be built up, finishing with a straight "Chinese Ropes" linking routine with both sets.

Even if you only use the single set and the ordinary routine, the use of three colours enhances the effect considerably . Try it and see.



Steve Knight has a couple of neat 'slants' to offer. The first one is:—



For this version of sympathetic silks using ropes instead of silks you require two sets of Vampire Chinese Ropes. The unfaked ropes of each set are dyed distinctive colours, I use red and emerald green cold water dyes for this job, and so you finish up with two sets each containing a red, green and white (faked) rope.

The routine can now follow any sympathetic pattern, whatever happens to one set of ropes mysteriously happening to the other set. I use an assistant from the audience, first having formed three separate loops out of one set. As I lay these down I link the green with the white. The second set is then taken up. and the spectator selects one of the colours. If he choose the green, tie your white into a loop and get him to thread his through it to form an interlinking pair; if he chooses the red, let him tie a separate loop, following you and the white as an "example". The green can then be linked as before. The linked green and white with the separate red are then lain aside, and you link the red secretly as you do so. Picking up the first set, display the fact that sympathy has occurred. Get the spectator to tie the red through the white of the pair, to form a threesome, and in laying them aside, unlike the green.

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