Rope Ends Bound With Cotton


FIGURE 15 5I2EJ ISt * St"

Fig. 1. Figure cut from one piece ply, and painted with poster colours. Background is black. Put hinged strut at back for standing upright. Use Silk Cord Ropes, 15:ns. long. 1 White and 1 Blue (the force) are fitted with wire hooks.

The Changing Bag. This has three compartments The tops of inner compartments are 2-in. lowe«" lhan the outsides—and these have strip whalebone sewn inside hems. One outs'de division can be. closed with press studs, and contains 2 ropes.

and the rope vanishes from the bag. Upon removing the slate, Mary is seen holding the chosen colour rope.

SECRET.—The bag is faked by having three compartments. The slate is partly hollow and the duplicate rope is concealed inside with two little hooks projecting over the top. These hooks engage in the wire loops fixed to the figure's hands so that, at the finale when the figure is lifted, the rope is pulled from the slate. The colour is forced by aid of the bag. The force colour is blue.

APPARATUS.—Cut out Figure. Fake Slate. Fake Bag. Small Blindfold and the necessary ropes. Note that apart from the hooked white rope, only two loose white ropes are supplied. The others to make up the five are sewn in the bag, the ends of which only are pulled out. This saves extra bulge, (any smail silk, etc., will suit).

PREPARATION.—Put the duplicate hooked blue rope in the slot of fake slate. It has a grip fit. (Push down with thin piece of wood etc.). The hooks rest in the little grooves. The slate markings mask these. Wrap the bag in a piece of tissue before doing so. Place the five coloured ropes in the centre compartment. If they are laid in carefully, there is very little bulge. The two loose white ropes go in the first compartment with the sewn in ropes. Leave the fastener undone. Have a small handkerchief behind the figure. Hand the hooked white rope on the figure and place the slate in front of the figure, hooks facing to the rear. Until actually required, keep the hooks to the side of loops on figure so that they do not engage until wanted.

WORKING AND STORY IDEA.—"Now boys and girls, I want to introduce you to Mary from Toyland. Mary is an expert at skipping, and is nearly always seen carrying a skipping rope, as she is now." (Remove the slate to side of figure, still leaning against the figure). "Here she is, holding her skipping rope. Mary wears many ropes out, for she can keep up 'Salt, Mustard, Vinegar and Pepper' for ten minutes." (Here take the slate in the left hand and lift the figure up with right, move to and fro so that the rope moves about, and the children can see it is a real rope. Replace as before).

"Now one day Mary had a birthday, for even in Toyland they have birthdays, and her Unc e Marzipan sent her a little parcel. (Here pick up the parcel) Mary was very excited to know what was in it, so when she undid it she found a little bag. (Undo parcel and reveal bag). Inside she found some more skipping ropes. Ho'd bag flat to front with white ropes compartment to the front. Take out the two loose ropes one at a time. Replace and let the ends hang over the side of the

Fig. 2. THE SLATE—Continuation. Two full size pieces of card or tin are covered black paper. The cutout goes between these, and a wooden skeleton frame on each side is nailed on to complete the slate. Paint slates as shown. Hook side has weekdays on it.

Two small grooves cut in one side of framework, to take hooks of concealed rope which is laid inside slate. Draw continuation lines on corners to mask these.

bag. Then lift the ends of sewn-in ropes and hang these over the side. (Thus you apparently have five white ropes hanging out of bag).

"Mary was ever so pleased with these ropes, for as far as she was concerned, it was the best present anyone could give her, for these fine new ropes would last her a long time. (Push the ends of sewn ropes in bag, also one of the loose ropes. The other loose rope lift out and then drop into bag. Close the bag and clip the fastener). During the day, however, she became a little bit disappointed, for she thought how lovely it would be if they had all been coloured ropes. Mary didn't know when she said this, that the ropes were magic ones, for when she opened the bag again, she was delighted and surprised to find that the ropes really had changed to different colours. I will show you. (Open bag again, centre compartment, and slowly take out the coloured ropes, one by one, and say 'RED' (hang red over slate). "Next we have" (hold blue rope up—and children will all say 'BLUE'—continue this until the five ropes are all hung over slate).

Now that Mary had coloured ropes, she made up her mind to use a different colour for each day—so she marked them all down on the slate. For Mary could never remember what day it was. So by just looking at the slate Mary knew what day it was and what colour to use, for the days in Toyland are different from ours. (Here pick up the slate and turn it round. Push ropes to each side of slate. This also completely masks the hooks).

"Now let's see what colours Marv has down for each day. Monday—RED. Tuesday —WHITE. So it must be Tuesday in Toyland, for Mary has the white rope with her today. Wednesday — BLUE. Thursday — GREEN. Friday—YELLOW; and Saturday—PINK. On Sundays, of course, she didn't do any skipping. (As you say the above, point to each day in turn and take off the corresponding rope and ho!d up. Replacing over slate. The slate is held in the left hand while this is going on. When completed, replace the slate as it was before.)

"Now as Mary always kept the ropes in her bag, we had better put them back. (Pick up bag and then take blue rope and drop it in empty outside compartment. Close this, which leaves the middle one open. Pick up each rope in turn and drop in. Then place the slate in front of figure hiding the white rope from view. Lay bag in front.) Mary used to get very tired skipping so much and she often had to have a little sleep in between the skips. When she did this she always put her hanky over her face.

(Pick up the small hanky and fasten over figure's face. If desired a small silk can just be laid over figure's head.)

"That's it. Now Mary is having her little sleep. Now, one day when Mary was having her usual little sleep, her friends thought they would have a game with her. So do you know what they did? Well, they very, very quietly took the white rope from Mary's hand. (Here creep up to the figure, remove slate and very slowly remove the white rope from figure and lay it on bag. Still acting, replace slate, but this time—SEE THAT THE HOOKS ENGAGE WITH THE LOOPS ON FIGURE. Now pick up bag and drop the white rope in centre compartment).

"Having taken the white rope from Mary, they couldn't make up their minds which colour to put back in its place. Which colour would you have used? (Here you appeal to the children and get several colours called out). There you see what happened to her friends, one wanted red, another yellow and so on. Just like you have called out. So let's have one chosen like they did, shall we? (Here give the bag a shake up as though mixing the ropes. Then ask a little girl or boy to put their hand in the bag and take hold of the first rope they touch and take it out. Open bag at compartment which only had the blue rope in and get girl or boy to pull this out).

"Ah! So it is the blue one that has been chosen. (Here take out the other coloured ropes from centre compartment and place on table. This allows children to notice that they are all there, except the chosen blue one). Now her friends, having made up their minds on the colour, were all afraid to take the rope to Mary in case they woke her up, for they knew that Mary would be in a terrible rage if she caught them playing this prank on her. Then one of them had a bright idea. 'Being magic ropes, why not make it go by magic?', she said. So they put the blue rope in the bag again (Here take rope from child, and drop it in the outside compartment). "Now all we have to do is to say the magic word and the deed is done", they said.

"They said the magic word ROPEUS OPEUS, but when they looked in the bag the rope was still there. (Open bag and show rope, then replace. Hold the bag between the hand). "I know what is wrong" said one. "We should have all shouted the magic word together." (Here appeal to the children) "Shall we all say the magic words when I count three?" "You know what it is Ropeus Opeus. Are you ready, one, two, three." (Here all the children SHOUT the magic word. Then you hold bag open showing centre compartment. It is seen empty. Then you place the bag down).

"Let's see if the magic has worked". (Go to figure, hold slate still with left hand, and lift up figure with right hand. This pulls the rope from slate and it is seen that the chosen: colour rope has found its way to Mary. No more needs to be said, but allow a few seconds for the children to realise what has happened. Then place the apparatus aside).

NOTE.—Working and story idea is just one of the ways this effect can be worked Others will suggest themselves with a little thought.

Eddie Joseph is with us again !

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