Rolland Frazer

In those years hundreds of children were sent to this country from invaded Holland and they were billeted at the Dutch Hostel, Stanley. The Dutch Authorities asked Cyro if he could provide entertainment for them and in addition to his shows for wounded soldiers, he gave free shows every Saturday afternoon for these Dutch children.

Cyro, who is a member of the I.B.M., The British Ring, and the Mystic Seven of Dews bury, has many magical honours to his name. He is an Honorary Vice President of the Leeds Magical Society, and for his creations in magic he has won the U.S.A. Gold Medal for 1946, the 2nd Prize Great Britain for 1949 and First Prize Great Britain for 1950.

". . . Talking of Virgil, we must tell you the story at present doing the rounds. It appears that, after his successful N.Z. Tour, Virgil was on a boat going to Australia, when he found himself in the Radio Room. This, of course, is strictly taboo, just then he was confronted by the Captain, who drew Virgil's attention to the notice stating that visitors were strictly prohibited. Virgil said to the Captain, " Sir, you apparently do not realise who I am. I am the World's Greatest Magician." Without batting an eyelid the Aussie Captain replied, " I am sorry sir. We can make no exceptions, not even for Mr. Levante."

B.M.S. Golden Jubilee Congress


This year the British Magical Society celebrates the fiftieth years of its existence and, to celebrate the event, the President Fred Walker (who has been Secretary since the Society's foundation in February, 1905), the the Council and the Members invite you to join them in Birmingham this coming November. They plan to provide for you a feast of magic and good-fellowship that will be unique in the history of the art. We intend you to remember it gratefully for years.

Magicians who have attended Conventions, Assemblies, Congresses, Jamborees and other similar gatherings, will know what to expect. There will be all the popular features, with several shows, lectures, close-up sessions, dealers' demonstrations, and the friendly informal atmosphere which has always been a feature of Birmingham's get-togethers. But this time they mean to surprise you with the outstanding quality of the fare provided.

Those who have never attended one of these affairs before may be assured that they have missed something very well worthwhile in the magical world . . . but it is not too late, for this Jubilee Congress is planned to be the greatest yet. If you miss this, you will miss an absolutely unique event . Their slogan is The Once-in-a-Lifetime Congress", since it cannot be repeated.

Arrangements, in the conventional phrase, are "well in hand". A host of B.M.S. members are working on the details so that nothing shall be left to chance to ensure your compfete enjoyment of the week-end. All sorts of details cannot be settled yet—they depend on the commitments of professional performers. But we can tell you now that America's top comedy magician, "Senator" Clarke Crandall, has promised to be there and will not appear anywhere else in the country.

You are earnestly requested to register as early as possible; in fairness, it must be a case of "first come, first served." Book the dates and make your registration NOW !

A leaflet of details can be obtained by writing to Mr. R. O. EVANS, 113, Blenheim Road, Birmingham, 13.

NOTE:—For many years the British Magical Society has restricted its membership to magicians of a certain standard of performance, resident sufficiently close to Birmingham to enable them to appear before the Council.

To mark the Jubilee, these restrictions have been relaxed. Suitable applicants resident at a distance may now become members of this oldest Magical Society in Great Britian.

If you are interested in becoming a member, an Application Form wilf be sent to you without obligation. The Entrance Fee is 10/6 and the Annual Subscription 21/-.

The Council of the Society wish to make it clear that only those considered suitable are admitted to membership and that any application may be declined without any reason being given. Minimum age limit is 18 years, and the Constitution of the Society does not admit of lady members.

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