Rolland Fraser

Dr. Rolland Fraser is a Doctor of Dentistry, having obtained his degrees in Australia and America. He is a Vice-President of the I.B.M. Ring No. 102 Sydney. Returning as a soldier from World War One, he has visited England four times since then so that people who meet him naturally find him very interesting.

He started Magic as soon as he was able to read the columns on Magic in the Boys Own Annual, and his first trick was the die through the hat, which he made himself. During the War he spent many of his leisure hours on juggling and card tricks. Later seeing the advantage of having a speciality act, he concentrated his attention on fire-eating. Professionally he is known as Monte Vesuvius, but unlike the average volcano, he prefers to eat his flames rather than spit them out! We estimate that during the past twelve years he has eaten at least 5,000 cigarettes, 450 cigars, and numerous fire-balls (composed of asbestos rope dipped in spirits). This latter item he assures us is an especial delicacy.

Occasionally, the doctor's act has been confused with "Mercyism" or rumination, a term applied to chewing the cud, i.e. the act of bringing back food from the stomach and chewing it over again, a normal process observed in ruminating animals. The doctor always hastily refutes any such suggestion, pointing out that his effects depend, not on a freak inside, but on a fake inside,

In his "Monte Vesuvius" act, when he eats lighted cigarettes, cigars, fruit and fire-balls, it should be noted that he uses the word eat, and not swallow. He does not say that he could not swallow a lighted cigarette, but could probably only do it once ! His act is done by sleight-of-hand, or it might be more aptly termed sleight-of-mouth. It is possible that the act has never been attempted before, therefore, we feel lucky to be able to explain the working of it.

If he meets anyone copying his act, Rolland Fraser will be the first to congratulate them ! He has seen other performers swallowing lighted cigarettes, but these are faked cigarettes made of edible material, whereas the cigarettes and cigars that he eats are genuine ones—this is proved during his act.






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