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egg. Allow a small bit of the last corner to protrude. See Fig. 7. This is then got into the thumb grip position just before the trick is to be presented.

I usually place the prepared egg in my right trouser pocket. In the same pocket I also have a match. The match is used in connection with a previous trick and then returned to the pocket. When the hand is out of sight, the egg is got into the desired position as you will see in Fig. 8. A silk is picked up openly from the table and displayed from both sides and then laid on the left arm. The right which has the egg in the thumb grip position now pinches the centre of the silk as depicted in Fig. 9. From here the silk is carried away in the right and the left fingers then close around it as in Fig. 10. The moment the left fingers close around the silk the right moves out and then digs into the centre of the visible silk and pulls out the first silk from inside the egg. Fig.

II shows the appearance of the first one which is believed to be pulled out of the solitary silk first shown. When this is completely out it is thrown on the left arm and the production continued with the second and third.

The right thumb and first finger now take away the original silk by the centre. The left is then shown to be empty by turning the hand over a couple of times. However, the empty rubber egg remains concealed all this time behind the silk in the right hand while the left is being shown to be empty. The right now passes the silk a couple of times across the left palm and finally 'lays' the egg there. The sudden appearance of the egg adds much to the bewilderment. Fig. 12 is the climax to the trick. The three created silks can be seen on the left arm, the egg on the palm and the original silk in the right.

It is, of course, needless to add that the egg opening should be facing the performer when shown on the palm.

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