Robert Harbin


Dear Bob,

I've been reading some of your articles, and we in America get quite a kick out of them. After reading one of your brainstorms I called Arthur LeRoy on the phone and spoke thusly:—

"Arthur i have a great idea, can you give me the solution? You take a deck of cards, after a card has been selected, and you tie it securely to one end of a 4 foot piece of rope. You then grasp the other end and swing it in a circle over your head, and keep whirling it over your head until one card escapes. That is the sefected card, and the deck and rope can be examined. The card has disappeared and the rope is ungimmicked."

LeRoy called me back in five minutes and said: "It's a cinch! You force a short card and cut co it. When that is returned, palm it off and while going to the pocket for the rope, leave the card there. Tie the rope around the cards, and then keep swinging in an arc and when the cards come near the upper breast pocket of your coat, you release the duplicate card, from the Nicola card gimmick in your upper breast pocket, and the card jumping from your pocket will look as if it jumped from the deck that is bound by the rope!"

LeRoy then said: "I have one for you. Why not do it with a deck that is tied by a shoe-lace? And all of the cards are released when swinging the pack, except the one that is selected". I said I'd call him back. LeRoy said: "You don'r have to, this is how you do it.

"Selected card is brought to top of pack. This is the basic key. A small piece of mystic tape, adhesive side out, tape same colour as shoelace, is left as a running collar on shoe-face. Its colour being that of the shoelace makes it indiscernible. Pack is held faces up, squared, shoelace encircles pack, mystic tape collar stuck to selected card at bottom of pack. Shoelace is now tied, across the face of the pack and is brought over the deck lengthwise, and tied once more. This leaves a tail of shoelace about 8 inches long. It is obvious that if it were not for the lengthwise binding, the swinging of the deck in a circle, if held by shoelace tail, would release all cards from the binding, other than topmost selected card, which is affixed to mystic tape. The only technicality remaining, is for performer before the act of swinging the deck to, unperceived, slip the lengthwise binding from either end. This can be done with the index finger and thumb, before the deck is swung in an arc. As stated ail cards will fly from the loop and selected card will remain affixed because of the mystic tape which is adhering to it!

"As you can see, Bob, these two tricks are my own, as I orginated the idea, and all that LeRoy did was to work them out! So please be sure and give full credit to me and none to LeRoy"

Next month I am going to discuss the magic table, I've invented over 104 of them. But I finally have one that is IT. So do not take any dates, but just sit in your house and wait for next month's Magazine as I am sure it wiil be worthwhile waiting for, and more important than any work that you can get.

Yours, until Goodliffe grows a goatee, sr.d Max Andrew's ears get bigger.


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