Ring Ring

The Effect. A borrowed ring is placed into a gun, which is fired at a chosen potato. The ring has vanished from the gun, but is NOT found in the potato. Performer tries another potato, but still with no success. He gives it up and carries on with his act. Eventually the ring IS found— inside a nest of boxes.

In this routine you will find, not only mystery, but enough laughs to make the item even more entertaining still.

It is assumed that you have, in your proverbial cupboard, a "Vampire" Nest of Boxes, a gun for vanishing articles (I use the old type with "Cone" barrel) a small flag, made of a piece of cardboard and on which is printed in large letters the word "ME", and lastly, a couple of potatoes and a knife.

Have the nest of boxes on one table, along with the gun. On the other table the two potatoes and the flag lying flat alongside.

Working, Borrow a lady's ring. "Thank you very much, madam. It is very nice of you to give me this ring". (Pick up the gun and drop the ring into it. If you use some other type, then dispose of the ring according to the gun used) "I will place the ring into this gun".

"Here are two potatoes, madam, will you be good enough to say in which one you would like the ring to appear?" (Pick up and show both potatoes and at the same time take up the flag and stick it into one of the vegetables, holding further forward towards the lady). "This one madam? Thank you". (Whichever one she chooses, make it obvious that you want the one with the flag selected) "There we are. A couple of spuds and the lady has selected this one. I'll place them down here where you can see them".

Pick up the gun and take up a position at the other side of the stage, (getting ready to fire). "This gun makes a terrific noise, so would you mind sticking your fingers in your ears. All ladies over 25 stones, will you please hang on to the edge of your seats until you stop vibrating. One . . . two ff

. . . three . . . Fire!" (Fire the gun towards the potatoes) "The ring has vanished and we shall find it inside the potato". (Lay the gun aside, pick up the potato with the flag and remove the latter. Take up the knife and commence to cut the potato into pieces) "And, believe it or not, but inside this lovely potato what have we got ? . . . Huh . . . Chips". (Throw the potato aside with disgust and, apologetically turn to the audience). "It was the wrong potato ! Well, here we start again and as we cut the potato, what have we got inside ? Yes, there it is. right in the centre . . . Huh . . .more potato ! (Drop the potato and the knife on the floor, pretend disgust, then brighten up and say).

"Ah well, 1 have a wonderful trick here . . . now let me see . . . what did I bring this for?" (Pick up the nest of boxes from the table, on which, just previously, you have laid the gun. At the same time, load the ring into the boxes. If you have a different type of gun, then it is up to you to obtain the ring according to the method the gun allows). "No. I'm sorry. I don't know what I brought it for?" (Lay it aside).

"Now here is a real smasher for you. Would anyone kindly lend me a Pound Note? What? No Pound Notes ? Ah well, we tried . . . carry on regardless". (Carry on with the rest of the act. but at various intervals pick up the nest of boxes, look at them and then exclaim that you can't just think what they are there for. Before your last effect, have someone up to help you and give them the nest of boxes to hold, while you carry on with the act. Halfway through the trick, give the assistant a look, as though you had forgotten he was there, look at the box and ask him what it is for. Finally tell him to place it on the table. Finish the trick in hand with the assistant).

"Now for this box . . . there must be a reason . . . let's see what we have inside". (Open up the box and take out the next in size, handing the empty one to the assistant. Repeat the process, all the time handing the empty boxes to the volunteer until he really looks all tied up). "Here we are, at

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