Richard Himber

THE HUMAN MAGNET—from Page 252.

This, indeed, is a very old stunt and used as an introduction to the presentation proper. While rubbing your hand over his fist in circular fashion you press down continually and when the pressure is suddenly removed, it is but natural for his hand to spring up. This, however, serves to illustrate your point that the developed magnetism in your fingers has attracted his hand. The real purpose behind this is to insinuatingly satisfy the onlookers later when you come to the actual demonstration that your fingers are not treated. This is repeated with a second person.

Ask a third assistant to stand up and press the back of his wrist against the wall or some piece of furniture. While he is thus engaged, you continue to rub your finger tips against your sleeve as before. Count to yourself up to thirty and rhen instruct him to allow his hand to hang limp by his side. You slowly raise your hand upwards and strange as it may seem, his hand will follow yours in the same direction in a graceful manner. You enquire at this point if he had felt anything at ail as his hand was floating upwards and he will have to admit that he felt some invisible power attracting it in the same direction as your hand was moving. You may, if you so desire, repeat this with one or two others with the same successful result.

We now come to the actual demonstration. Reach in your pocket and withdraw the cigar. When your hand is behind the coat merely glide the middle section of your second and third fingers across the moist surface of the cotton in the torch. Alf you will need is a very, very slight touch of the fluid. However, when the cigar is withdrawn, leave it on the table. Again you proceed to rub your finger tips on you sleeve. Since the magnetising fluid is only on the centre section of the second and third fingers this rubbing action will not interfere with it. Whatever you do you must avoid any of the fluid touching the 1st and Tittle finger. You now rub both hands together which will take away any surplus moisture and when through no one will be able to tell that there is anything wrong with your fingers because the natural appearance of the skin wilT not alter a bit.

Now rest your fingers on the cigar and raise hand siowly about a foot off the table. The cigar will come up with it. Turn palm half way so that edge of hand will be parallel

WHIZZY — The Dizzy Magician

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