5. ENGLAND.—". . . I have very carefully studied the routine, move by move, and find it practical in every detail . . . There are some subtle touches that should delight the close-up worker. Your text is consistently clear and concise ..." (Stanley Collins).

6. ENGLAND.—" . . . your book will occupy an honoured place in my library . ." (Wm. G. Stickland).

7. ENGLAND.—" ... "I have read it with very great pleasure, not only because I always admire your effects, but because the description is so clear and detailed that there could be no excuse for anyone not being able to follow it with the greatest ease . . ." (John Young, Editor of the Magic Circular).

8. ENGLAND.—" . . . most of the 'boys' have bought a copy, and are walking about with bags of beans ... a very fine routine ..." (Jack Avis).

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