Raising Gane


No doubt, like me, you are always on the look out for bits of business. The following is good either for the comedy act or the compere gag.

All you will require from "Vampire" Series is the "Vanishing Cane" and the "Appearing Cane". Also one top hat.

Inside the top hat is the "Appearing Cane", either in a feke in the hat, or sew an elastic band inside the hat and this will hold the cane very well. The hat, of course, is worn on the head.

Start off by showing the Vanishing Cane, and a sheet of brown paper. Inform your audience that you are to vanish the cane and wrap it in the paper. Say the magic words, step forward and exclaim: "And the cane has Vanished". At that you let go part of the paper. The weight of the cane, causes the paper to unroll, and on to the floor clatters the cane, You look silly (that should be easy) and make an apology. Start all over again, that is wrapping the cane in the brown paper, and go through the same procedure.

Finally, on the third occasion when you say "And the cane has vanished", there is no thud. You looked shocked, quickly unroll the paper, look for the cane all over the place, finally go off shouting "Whose pinched my stick, whose pinched my stick".

That is one finale. The other is better suited for the comedy magician.

When you are horrified at the cane having vanished, you start muttering to yourself, asking where it can be etc., looking all over the stage, finally telling your audience that you can't do the trick as it appears to have vanished. Inform them that this trick always does the same, it appears to go to your head. You realise what you have said, take off your hat, and produce the "Appearing Case" from there.

The vanish of the "Vanishing Cane" should cause you no bother as the instructions with this effect tell you the secret.

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