The two top rows are the faces and backs of eight cards, (these are printed on double blank cards); the third row are the faces of eight cards with standard playing card backs; the fourth row are eight differently lettered cards with standard playing card backs. Small letters in the top left hand corner will enable rhe performer to pick out the appropriate letter without difficulty when the cards are fanned, the large letters not being visible until removed from the fan.

, The letters of the second and third rows are "roughed",—the remainder "smoothed". The letters of row one are placed on row three to make eight double cards, (one on one, two on two, etc.).

METHOD.—The eight single and eight double cards are arranged alternately in irregular order. Care must be taken however with the two letters O, the position of the first one must be remembered (the one paired with the blank), and the top or bottom of the pack would be suitable. Suggested patter and presentation is as follows:—

Performer takes up cards and fans them, showing backs, (appears as normal backed pack), apologises, "Of course it is this side you wish to see", (shows faces), "Now these are not p'aying cards, they are lettered cards for spelling words", (display some of the letters). "Now, the first word we are going to spell is 'FOG' "; here the performer solicits the aid of the audience and with suggestions of F for Fan, or Freddie, etc., rhere is plenty of scope for entertainment.

Performer takes out the letter F (double card), displays it, then reverses it and places it back in the fan, (bottom right hand side), so that the playing card back is clearly visible to the audience. The letters O and G follow in the same manner, except that O is placed in the middle of rhe fan and G to the bottom left hand side. Performer repeats the letters as he points to the reversed cards to impress on the audience that they are F, O, and G.

The cards are then taken from the fan one at a time and placed on a stand, the double card being "split" and the card reversed to the audience only, being taken.

The second word "SMOKE" follows in similar fashion, the five letters being reversed in the fan at appropriate intervals and then transferred to stand. The cards on the stand with their backs to the audience now read "SMOG" with two blanks on each side. The cards remaining in the hand are cut so that a playing card back is at the top, and are then discarded.

The denoument of the trick is left to the performer's individual style and taste.

N.B.—If a reversible stand is used the letters in line three will need changing accordingly. For close-up work a stand is not necessary, the cards being placed flat on the table. The same principle can be adopted for the change of any place names, persona! names, or subjects of topical interest.

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