Queen Elizabeth Ii

The thrill which the celebration of the Coronation has given to the British People is, we are happy to find, reverberating round the world and finding echos in many other countries, particularly the democracies. Our American cousins have caught the spirit to a remarkable degree, and in decoration, design and fashion, Coronation motifs are predominant. It is a little strange in view of the fact that a monarchy and particularly a successful one, is such a rare thing today; but if is particularly gratifying to realise that this little island is still able to command enough prestige to make it an honourable and very desirable thing for other countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zeafand and all the Colonies and Dependencies, to acknowledge the sovereignty of the British Throne.

It says much for the inherent love which the British people have for mankind in general, and surely the inspiration of this love comes from the fact that we ourselves love and are loved by our Royal Family.

And so today, although this will appear in print after the most spectacular and glamorous Coronation ceremony ever celebrated is actually over, Magic Magazine offers on behalf of all our readers, in which ever part of the World they may reside, our heartiest Congratulations, and Sincere Good Wishes to


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