Five folded cards (size when folded x 3") each with a different geometrical design printed on the inside are handed out for inspection, and one selected (genuine free choice) and design noted. Two rubber bands are placed round the folder to preclude the possibility of any "sighting" on the part of performer. Even under these conditions, the necromancer is able to draw the chosen design upon a pad or slate.

A PLATFORM VERSION — (One of many) Folders are given to a volunteer for inspection and mixing. After elastic bands have been placed around each they are dropped on to a slate which assistant is holding as a tray. Helper now goes to audience and invites someone to select a folder, the remaining four being placed in pocket. Slate is now returned to performer, who at once draws the selected design WITHOUT APPROACHING PERSON HOLDING IT !

Many other versions will readily suggest themselves. WORKED ANYWHERE. ANY TIME. NO SLEIGHT-OF-HAND.

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